It’s just a Pi in the Bush — The Conjuring


Parisians flock to the economy and on the flanks of the RATP Buses, the popcorn industry is re-hashing “The Conjuring”, a song written by Lennon and McCartney but here’s the Twist ~ 不urned into a hit on the Billboards charts by the guy that Metallica could not handle and so those faggots brought in The Exodus fellow. Trou Story.

As Americans get ready to celebrate the Longest Day, and the French await June 21st, it is important to remember just how cruel The Great State of Florida can be at times, take June the 5th of 1939 when a ship (The Saint Louis) carrying Jewish refugees, was denied permission to land in Florida, in the United States, after already being turned away from Cuba.
The Saint Louis was Forced to return to Europe, some of its passengers were later REdrum in Nazi concentration camps… (Wikipedia it!)


The Angel of Verdun walks into The J Squad bar and grill; hilarity ensues when Bill Murray orders a “Sweet vermouth with a twist,” please!

🛰 It’s the bottom of the second and Lorànt Deutsch is at the plate, John McCain is next to Third Base and “The Maverick” is trolling President George H.W. Bush, the Philly Phanatic is edging the Senator to do a Shimmy Dance in front of Barbara and Nancy… President Reagan is knot amused. Louise Michel sends a Screwball to The Plate, Deutsch’s slugger connects and it’s a fly-ball to Right Field where, Phil? Fill? is that you PHIL, Pétain?… and it’s an easy out for The Communards All Stars… Barbara’s pale cheeks turn purple after the good Senator ripped his wet tee-shirt and wrapped it bandana-like around his noggin.

And true to form The Philly Phanatic starts messing with The Empire and Senator McCain’s shenanigans have triggered President Reagan and a fight broke-out on top of the visiting team’s dugout, forcing AX-iOS to take a siesta.

And just to top Mika’s coffee cup up, the motherfucking Hindenburg just dropped in the middle of desk. Over on the big board The New York Times, Michael Schmidt, broadcasts a hostage message from the belly-of-the beast.

And in New Jersey… Stephanie Ruhle became homeless and moved her operations to the Local Mall, stay strong Steph!!! — Pay no attention to the muzzled guard dogs, if you don’t look’em in the eye you will be alright.

And in Babylon Two… The Reverend Al Sharpton is Stringing kids on a conductors car… or something like that. The RATP à la Île-de-France is not am•used. The Mayor there (at Babylon 2) got an “F” but he’s got Mr. Yang’s back. Gooooooo, Brooklyn Dodgers!

Political cycles aside, Babylon’s favorite daughters (all cities are Female) Panamæ and New Amsterdam, are holding elections and wouldn’t Eye, of all Bums Be on the Plate. Eye guess the FO’ist thing to say is “good looking-out” followed by a nominal Check Please, and Pundit—here is Y… (pronounced WHY)  Garret Haike? Why? Why would you use a green screen? Why?

https ://www .npr .org /2021/06/04 /1002834498 /mexico-midterm-elections-2021-violence-recordraces?t =1622844750548

You are not Groot, Garret. But Eye appreciates your effort, but consulting fees for uninspired MSNBC producers are not free, freedom is, but consulting fees are Knot. “Only pay for what you need” is going to make of Jack a dull boy, and Eye knows you’ve seen that movie too… and Eye didn’t select the angle, your camera person did.

June 5th, 1944 – World War II: The United States Fifth Army captures Rome… and so unless you are into polygoty or German Studies in France, you can thank an American for keeping your beautiful language from going the way of Carthage’s dead tounge… i digress: Camus was a fag.

And, Pundit, Why would Donna Edwards hang an Abstract AK-47 on her green-screen, Why, Congresswoman Y?

And Sam Stein… nice tie, man. Carry on, but don’t fuck it up. Those damn progressives are going to be hanging at the levee and if IT! Breaks it’s your fault (motherfucker).

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Screwball

What!? You Too! C’mon Elise Jordan do you really think that you can just cut you hair and get away with the   election? Na-ah,

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