The cousin of The King of Rome is at the plate

Special Bulletin… sponsored by:

EYE EM Groot .:. D08BF998-9E39-461B-BF6F-12D40D5789A4 .:. Clorofila, the only thing that a Root needs to kick a guru’s ass.


Deer, Lorne Michael,

I started to deconstruct your silly well-paid writers skit between Michael Che and Baby Yoda, when i was taking a piss next to where an Emperor was supposed to be laid to REST, aussi, today is National Monuments weekend, so find the nearest ALAMO and water that fuck. Adult Groot aproves this message… and don’t forget to eat Alice… wait,  scratch that… Don’t forget to Eat AT Alice’s.

Tens of thousands of Frogs came out today (along the river Seine) to celebrate the instantaneous victory of Baby Groot over Baby Yoda.

What kept you fuckers? I was waiting for y’all 24 hrs. ago 🌬💨 By my count it was TENS of thousands, not a million but an important amount of amphibians.  

Quick game recap:

People WHO know will tell you, “Marianne let Jim Drown”, ask around, that faithful trip will take you all the way to “The Handi-capables”, which happens to be the final resting place (for now) of Napoléon BuenaParte… the next time you watch Val Kilmer die in Paris, inquire about the plate the place where Bonaparte wanted to rest.

The score is 3 and Oh! One Out and it’s the top of the FO’ist… President Macron could not help riding away on Napoléon’s Chestnut saino, which prompted the Emperor to go chasing after Mr. Macron at the Vincennes racetrack. So as to knot keep holding up the game, and since he is already dressed for the occasion, Joseph Napoléon III takes his uncle’s place at THE PLATE (next to Jim Morrison’s grave at Père Lachaise), SQUATTING in front of The Umpire an up-and-coming rookie, Jordan Bardella from The National Rally’s—Hidalgo lanza

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