Strong and Musk walk into a bar…

HAPPY MOTHER’s They Weekend in Nantucket, y’all.


Brian Williams stars as the bartender (that motherfucker) hilarity ensues when a crippled righteous opportunistic racist guy who happens to moonlight as Texas Governor, since Governor Perry was tagged to run the Energy Department for Big Oil and the anti-environment lobby on K street is asked by the BriWi, “what’s your poisson,” with a French accent and the crippled righteous opportunistic racist guy responds:

Over at the BLAZING SADDLES Channel, HOWARD “Higgins-Magnum” Johnson stars as, The Brisco Kid… with subtitles in French.

Дайте мне техасскую “рюмку чистоты” в дополнение к Pabst Blue Ribbon™ в Пенсильвании¹.

In another neck of the Woulds, inquiring minds want to know if this pretty-fellow ⤵️ below would look the same under one of them pretty memorials for the Shoah outside of the Prefecture de Police.

“Antifa… if you are knot reading”, yada yada yada.


1). Heineken?… fuck that! Give Mí a Blue Velvet.

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