Say, hey there Willie… who that is?

And Hallie Jackson goes, “hey there kid” that’s my tag!

But FO’ist!!! American Democracy (in Arizona) is tripping on bamboo-laced acid paper. Later, Old Jersey is being taunted by the French, not the ‘very French’, just your regular run of the mill filthy French.

Over at the Pershing Memorial Field:

https ://www .thelondoneconomic .com /news /french-official-says-were-ready-for-war-as-police-vessels-arrive-in-jersey -268278/

Up Next on, The Umpire Strikes A Gain :
KYLIAN (7) … [J]e suis ton père !

Oh, you mean that “brown-eyed handsome Citizen —A-roundin’ third and headed for home,” with all them Woulds? Why that’s Mr. Mays; the Romans named a month just for him. It’s a TROU Story, fo’reel!!! Julius César learned about Mr. Mays when he held Centerfield under siege and Serge Gainsbourg was getting how-to-properly-sport a baseball glove lessons from Mr. Mayos.

In Texas… The Poles are watching!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Rated PG-13.

Synopsis: Against their best political interest, the State of Texas goes to the ballots to vote on a “pecker-checker” bill that would allow election officials to watch voters (over the voting booth) as if the voters were going Pi-Pi*… you figure out the radius on that!

[Correct pronunciation of π-π for the Commonwealth of the Dixon-Mason Line, goes here]


https ://imdb .com /title /tt5478478 /fullcredits /cast?ref_=m_tt_cl_sc

Over at FRANCE INFO (Morning edition) the acoustic ceilings at that there cabin fell like a big blue Wyoming sky after some pundit there proposed that Joe Biden is the Standard Bearer of The INTERNATIONAL Socialista.

TROU to form [Öüï’s talking French people here, people] the Bernie Sanders BLOCK broke everything within Pee-pee range at that station as they made their rebuttal on-air.

An unidentified Frog complained that thinking tank bubbles like these (live on-air) are the reason that NBC News thought that President Macron was a centrist during the 2017 Election of The Ancienne Regime (Fifth period).

https ://apnews .com /article /europe-government-and-politics -e498277a5968b9c8d1 ee87d0aa8337b8

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