And, Willie Geist… the only thing worst than bad rock and roll is Country Music —In French

In French… it reminds Mí of the day that a fake hillbilly who ran with some guy named “Beto” in that West Texas Town of El Paso killed a pretty good rock and roll song titled, “on the move again”. Willie Nelson would rehash the tune to, “on the road again” and the rest is his story.

anyhow Mika, hoy no hubo noticias… but KEEP IN MIND (4) that your best bet to Rock Your World (15) is on number 11, the one known twice as the Dynamic One.

And, Walter Isaacson… all of a sudden everybody wants to see Broadway from the inside of a Blue Whale (punto y coma) how convenient, eh! All of a sudden everybody wants to be a Jonah now a days… and here’s the path before the Belmont Stakes:

If De Blasio opens the Big Apple before the 4th of July then Bill might make SAINTHOOD (5) before the next election. Don’t laugh, unless you take a hit of HELIUM (12) FO’ist or, don’t think of chilling now ‘cuz if you do you will miss that Midnight Bourbon (10) shot at a bar.


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