Intermedio before the bottom of the first

V I C T O R I A … follows (Thanatos).


Mean, while in Acapulco, the Minneapolis, Quintana Roo record to beat gets a review and Ladies in Gemini, the actual record for the recently murdered Salvadorian is 9’29” not 8’46”, but wait! Not to be outdone by Joe “the buffalo”, or whatever his stage name is, just made an instant parallel in the Mexican State of Guerrero, the strategy was laid out yesterday when Julius César sent Eugenio Derbez to storm La Porte de Lilas where Serge Gainsbourg was “ticket punching” or at least trying to 🎟 (No se aceptan devoluciones, Stephanie Menou³… if you break it, you buy it, period! 🏀🗑)

https ://www .viva-mexico-cinema .org/aiovg_videos/entretien-eugenio-derbez/

“Monkey see, monkey do”, o algo así, dijo Manolo Fabregas in this past Sunday’s PALM Offering to monoaureo . com, which of course you will see in the dentils below this frame. Anyhow Stephanie Menou, in case you don’t know who Manolo Fabregas was, just ask your former Mexican Foreign Service associate Barbara Carol de Obeso or, Mexican director/producer and Mexican Foreign Service “brat” (analogous to a “military brat” in the U.S. military; look it up) EMILIO MAILLE (punto y coma) anyhow, Stephanie, don Manolo was a great actor—the thing is Stephanie that those same things that YOUR intelligence services are worried/concerned about right now in MARCH of 2021¹ are the same reasons why i could not follow Raphael Moran’s (rfi) advice to release all of my sources in 2013/14/15, but most importantly, Stephanie Menou, why i could not publish the report that i was preparing during the years that Enrique Peña Nieto and François Hollande were “honeymooning down by the bay”.




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