“I’ma bring it to you like this” — Support DiMíTru fo’President of the College of SDF-es—es@

“Jésus, built my Car. It’s a love affaire,
mainly Jesús and my Hot-rod”.

For further context, read the Sports Page, or ask Sister Emmanuelle and The Sisters of Mercy on the latest edition of Rock & Folk .:. 46AECA55-4201-4B17-A081-913F0B45AE94 🛎 ✔️ please!

Pg. 18… Numerique
N° 2583 Cnews Matin¹

… [A]nd, Cousin Joe, it’s like La MaiRie de Paris advertises-ese, “WaWa is Capital*”, which is why if you are going to go into Phase Two, in which Sister Jean get her oaths… you need to flip to page 59; tip # 73 of Sarah Brown’s microwave-able tricks, which states, and if the WI-FI connection allows Eye quotes:

Ewe must! Ewe must suppress that gawd-damn Fish smell

* And, Marianne, before the French Foreign legion gets any ideas about how this paragraph is an opportunity to score some sycophant points with the Prefecture de Police, let me remind the non-readers that today’s SPORTS PAGE paragraph is about last night’s Breaking News that announced the State of Georgia’s (South East, USA) efforts to deny Water to black people wanting to vote… or something like that, let me repeat—Permettez-moi de répéter, c’est en référence aux nouvelles de la nuit dernière concernant la suppression des électeurs dans l’État de Georgia, and not about the Greatest Water fountains in the World.

… [A]nd of course, about Mr. Andrew Yang joining the race for mayor in the 2nd Greatest city in the World.

Drop a three pointer from the corner like swish 📐 2AE3E37A-6371-410D-9DF3-C42ED001F50B 🗑
Four chicken wings with shrimp fried rice, that’s good
{*scratch: “Egg foo yung”*}
Beef and broccoli with a little white rice, that’s good
{*scratch: “Fried one time”*}
Chicken chow mein with a little white rice, that’s good
{*sample: “Mix it mix it up nice”*}
I need a couple of egg rolls in my neighborhood, that’s good!

The Ministry of The Butthole Surfers

It all Makes perfect sense, Cerf-panthère, previous to his career as a superstar rapper, Biz–Mark was a mother-Funkin’ viking… and please Cerfie-cerf, leave the Passive Aggressive predictions to the condemned long-hauler acid trip powersolo writers like Mí, why a Fortune-Teller like you is an essential service provider en el mundo de Le Monde, La Croix de Dimanche needs something or someone to entertain their anxieties with, heck it BEATS a gambling addiction, just don’t start asking for “donations”, why with a salary and the French State benefits that you surely receive—would reveal a charlatan behind the Crystal Ball.


Las Fuentes de Viernes (Robinson-Line B)

1. Just in time to test Mexican State Union retired boss Carlos Romero Deschamps 26 Ferrari’s, the FIA à Concorde opened up “les qualifications” for the E-Sport competizione driver academy at Invalides.

Fair Use of Philippe Labro’s CNEWS plus… a microwave.

… FIA = Federación Internacional del Automovilismo… o algo así, la cosa es de que la FIA hoy no fia, mañana Aussi.

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