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“Luz, roja es la luz
Luz de neón que anuncia el lugar
Baile kumbala bar
Y adentro la noche es música y pasión”¹
🎎 🎷🎷🎷

Attention FRANCE: ⬇️🚫 Does not apply to your social sphere. I feel i must mention this in advance because your populist section is intolerant when one writes or expresses anything without a UNION CARD.

Context follows… in the meantime support your local Asian American Communities.

¹ Previously on Los Hijos del Quinto Patio…
SAX made a most unfortunately departure but KNOT before visiting los CONGALES de Atlanta, en Georgia, on during a Wait-for-Spring to arrive layover.

Anygüey, DeFendente Gènolini, nevermind Peter because he is just stealing from Paul in order to pay Bill. And before Hawaii welcomes in the last day of Winter, i am going to tell you the rest of the patronages that Saint Joseph is also in charge of (punto y coma) so WITT that in M.I.N.D., Lindsey Rieser, here is the rest of what Le Saint du Jour left out of the Story.

Yup! You have to be like a real nerd to cross-reference a plot like this… unfortunately, i don’t have a Union card to be a part of the Audition. Doesn’t matter, the only way that both the elite and the populist section of France can beat me is when i sleep, when they cheat, or when they put me to sleep.

But First! Talk about COINCIDENCES, yesterday as i was covering the Green Manif from the new Children of The Revolution, yada, yada, yada i then went headed over to my temporary sleep-over section of Paname, The Night Before i’d noticed that someone left an extreme weather sleeping bag at the footsteps next to where i pitch my tent (i’m a Urban Camping Fool)… anyhow, the sun was out, the rays were warm, and Dang Damn It, i remembered that i was carrying a succulent motherfucking mango in my high-speed low-drag mini backpack, so i shuffled the fuck out of The Last Manif of Winter 2021 and headed over to my catch some 💤 spot.

Once there, i noticed that the above mentioned sleeping bag was neatly folded on my motherfucking spot, next to it, on a sort of kind of looking cylindrical seating area was a VERY PARTICULAR BOOK that features the mythical pet of the Cluny Medieval Garden, which as Ali Velshi knows (because Ali Velshi is a mythical pet himself over at MSNBC) is the mythical Licorne and, if you did not follow what the past three weeks at Saint Michel have been about, then allow me to explain:

It’s about IDOLS, by Juan Piedraelevada… o algo así.

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