Previously on La Restauration de París and other assorted patos

For those just joining the thread, the following segment is placed next to a Polish Pope (in ROME) and The Underground Cantinas for the French elite in Tiempos de COVID… or some bat-shit pandemic like that.

Contexto Descuartizado

It’s like Wet Paint.

Congregations of all denominations in and around la Île-de–France wasted no time upon hearing that the Rockefeller (comcast) Crowd was drafting plans to descend en El Campo del Marte (at the feet of La Bendita Torre Eiffel) to sing “We Are The World” to the good people adhered to the CGT (page 17; 20minutes .fr)

After the break, The Devil is in the Dentils, with Victoria deFrancesco al Dente…
and across the Chunnel, Cerf-Wabbit reveals the number of the Beast + guest.

N° 3613 Veinte minutos en Francia 🦌 3F509AF1-DA10-4A7F-8A79-AF2434F4646D 🐇 Note sur la composition de l’ouvrage is based on Bolaño’s InterpéRies (p. 527 of Œuvres Complètes III), dicho d’otra puta manera, el orden cronológico en que aparecen las piezas en las secciones diferentes d’este chingado blog es parte del Show, mismo que me permite recordar que puto tema de actualidad política, social o cultural que me interesa —como a Bolaño— en cada puto instante (coma).

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /504 /reader /reader .html# !504

Over at The Théâtre de La Ville and its evil twin, Le Théâtre de Châtelet, César began to melt his silly little Columns in an effort to prepare for the American (media) in Paris affront to La Commune… oh, The Humanity, if only a few Neandertals would have been spared (conserved) from the great extinction, but no! Fucking humanity had to intervene and give The World a Coke… or some fucking stimulant like so.

Over at Les Temps de Cerises (rue de la Butte aux Cailles), The Fantômes de La Commune descend on the XIII éme a bit confused by the new $ky£in€ overlooking Bercy, Ivry and “la bendita” Porte de France.

It’s like Wet Paint.

Hilarity ensues when “the communards” are taxied by BFM’er TV shuttles to The Sherman Memorial Baseball Field where Louise Michel is warming up the crowd as the former primary school teacher and, pre-cursor to “El Che” is getting ready to get the bottom of the FO’ist started. Emmanuel Macron, is at the plate and so far (bumble bee) “there’s no R.A.I.N.”.

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