Mika’s yearly South of France vacation

Our network continues to experience technical contradictions, context on the previous symmetrical collusions is marinating with subtitles for Katy Kay. Hilarity ensues when The Mighty Mighty Mika traveling entourage arrives to the Brezezinski’s Villa overlooking the Mediterranean at the Cliffs of Fréjus.

https ://francetvinfo .fr/societe /video-islamo-gauchisme-le-gouvernement-a-raison-de-reclamer-une-enquete-a-l-universite-estime-jordan-bardella _4307833 .html

Insider elitists at the CFR report that Mika fled the U.S. when Professor of Political Contrasts at the University Of Texas, Victoria Defrancisco Fresco, informed The Nation on The MorJo Show that children literally froze on/in their mommies backyards in Texas. Mika could not believe that she actually lived in a shithole country for at least the past 4 years. Upon arrival, Donnie Deutsch (bad acting mayordomo) discovered that the Villa had been ransacked by the vagrant sons of the Very French, a violent gang known by the The French Connection as « les Fréjusiens ».

Internal time-delay phenomenon. It happens. — It could happen to you, if you confuse the The French Touch with French Bashing or WO’ist, The French Hate.

Over at FranceInfo, it’s GOP TV for the masses; starring everybody’s favorite cult of personality: The Trump Show.

For the record, shame on you if you confuse the inverted (¥) Japanese Eiffel Tower with the Identity Generation cut-off peace sign.

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