Ancient Microbes with Aymen Helicopter

Rachel Glasses, reports (now with RealAudio).

Mean while in Cancun … it’s the hunt for little fuckers, first on the reticle: Senator (R-TX) Ted Cruz. 🚀  Over in Atlantic City, New Jersey, it was a despicable scene. Millions (actually Billions) of Mexicans rejoiced on the streets when The Trump Tower fell to the ground; TO-The-GROUND. The scene was reminiscent of the time when Donald Trump rejoiced on account that his Trump Tower in Manhattan became the tallest building in that SkyLine. In other news, Chris Cuomo just became Mathilda’s favorite son. Mrs. Cuomo gave Gov. Cuomo the Willie Geist bubble-head stare.

… jump to page 32∴ “Add insult to injury”, with the President of the French Republic, Mr. Emmanuel Macron.

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