It’s Ashley’s Evil Twin sister’s Birthday


It’s like Jazz at The Lincoln Center… or something like D.A.T. 🏀

Now Ashley Parker at el WaPo, you are probably thinking that the following post (get it, Post) is about you, but no. This post is not about you on account that you can’t have two Ashleys in the womb at the same time. With that in mind make a MENTAL NOTE of the following signification to your lovely name. ASH•ley in the context of the following content represents LA TIZNADA on account that when a WITCH is burned, ”$0£0 Cenizas Hallarás”.

Check please: https ://aristeguinoticias .com /3101 /mexico/15-muertos-y-100-heridos-saldo-por-explosion-en-torre-de-pemex/

Add to D.A.T. that Ashley Chevalier is also going to “maquilar la idea” that just because she is a 10 on our book, that the following content is about her little “petit bateau” look, but Madame Chevalier, the following post is not about you. It’s about your Evil doppelgänger, Talía Olvera. So Ashley, let’s leave the SUSPENSE to the pro’s and just go ahead and request from the BFM TV archive monkees to DIG UP HER BONES¹.

🎵 Ah—keep it coolin’ Baby… i went down to The Crossroads; and ZEPPELIN goes here, and Stephen King is, you’ve guessed it, a fag. But nevermind the Sex Pistols because here comes JAVIER Ratón… 🗣 No-NenaTuTe’quivokaz, nunca te conocí en la playa-ya-ya.

So, “BOOOOOOOM” was the headline coming from The PEMEX building on that February morning of 2013, Florence Cassez was getting the Red Carpet treatment in PARIS, and Ana Anabitarte was looking for a buffet to feed the SOURCE.

And in Washington, on today’s date, 10 February, 2021 it was revealed that MARA, from the editorial board of The New York Times is, AS A MATTER OF FACT, Gay*. This can only mean one thing, Cousin Joe, and that is that Kurt Cobain (a man shot in the face) was a prophet previous to his career as a Rock Star… Everyone is Gay.

* Check her by line, Mara GAY, period, full fact!

In Local news, Öüï found out the “real” reason why CNEWS matin is promoting trips to MARS… because it is now illegal in France to have sex with 14-year olds.

Matt Damon… you DOG!!! — MISSION TO MARS, my ass.

https ://www .cnews .fr /france /2021-02-09/ sciencesporcs-des-etudiantes-denoncent-des-viols-et-des-agressions-sexuelles

WHO–You gonna believe, your lying eyes or my deaf ears? .:. B4DB31D9-52B9-40E0-A2DC-B6C60D090FC9


The Odds (o como dicen en New Jersey, The Misfits) of playing this right now, From Here To The MOOOON, ALICIA LEOS, to the MOOOOON!

1. “Dig up her bones” by WHO? Anyone? Anyone?… Sergio Ávalos? o él que sea. Mismo tú, JOHN MILL ACKERMAN.

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