Previously on los aretes de María Hinojosa

Nicole was showing a lot of leg, and Mathilda’s favorite son would not tell her she is wrong, and neither would Rick Wilson… that fucken’ perv!!! Meanwhile, at the Fauci Universe, The VP just showed the entire Mundo de Le Monde how to play with words… can you hear Mí yet?

Is it in yet?”

“That’s what she said”, and Ashley, “Wild Horses” on a rearview mirror cannot Ketch-up to the three days that i gave your “travel agents” on the NEWS OUT OF HONG KONG 🚬🚬🚬 and my own personal Frankenstein (pronounced FrankenBrooks… get it?), that’s the FO’ist on the chronicle of an announced Triple Play… Juanita Bonita, —reports! BUT WAIT!!! Jennifer Lopez just broke into the Ari Melver Beat… preliminary scout reports relay that she is going by the Alias of Emily Ballon… or something like that on a New York Magazine… those dang-on Puerto Ricans.

Y como dice SCHoPUNhAUER:

A Mí, las cuentas claras y El Shock-Oh-Latte… anyone? El Shock-Oh-Latte cómo? anyone, El Shock-Oh-Latte HOW… SHA-Bello? El Chocolate cómo?

Gina Montes

Programming note: any break from the Breaking Podiums on Deadline will be deducted from The Beat, by our COUNT… Ari Melver can mope around the WaWa cooler for like 20 minutes… and Nicole, pull that skirt down because doG forbids that “Grammy Award” Mexican cinematographer winner, Emmanuel LUZBEKI, interprets your show as La Carabina d’Ambrosio…

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