What’s Moore American than Apple Pie?

Let u.s. take a Tours to Bordeaux, meat Mí at République and flip it over to Les Cles du Jour (pg.4; nº 2573) and Philippe Labró for more of America (sin tildar) and The Beatles.

I HO’id Em with my own lying Eyes!!! — The News.  PLAYBALL!!!… Now, Joy Anne Reid*, nevermind the VERNES-es–esos, it’s just that at the bottom of a Triple Treat with McGill, WHO called herself Jill, but everyone knew her as Nancy, we loop this particular newsstand with a trip on Foreign Policy around the world in 80 Days, and on Deadlineand this is Captain Jack Sparrow cue to get on deck.  Así que ándele, ándele—Chato; ay’ta Cantinflas, hágale… but we don’t want no wawa for chocolate, because today is U2’s lead singer’s birthday and an all Saint Patrick’s Day parade in Washington, D.C. without the crowds and booze.

But FO’ist… let u.s. Check them numbers, if this was the POWERBALL i’d be a rich-so-and-so, pero no, it’s not one of those, —Mick Jagger… because What Shall it profit a Rolling Stone to have the very best and top of the line sound system if your Sympathy FO’ The Devil has no horns! HOW CAN YOU HAVE SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL, If your Devil has no horns section.

🎶🗣 Tú mordiste la manzana y renunciaste al paraíso
Y condenaste a una serpiente siendo tú el que así lo quiso

It Checks Out, it's True, however...
It must Be Read in a bare-footed version of the Shakira that FRANCE Info 105.5 FM knew today. 🐰🙈
https ://www .francetvinfo .fr /animaux /bien-etre-animal/la-spa-denonce-une-forte-hausse-de-labandon-des-nouveaux-animaux-de-compagnie _4265655 .html
Key Word du Jour here is…
Ana de Armas, silly rabbit.
AND, oh THE HUMANITY… at 21h45 (in CET) President Biden started punching NBC reporters on his route to the White House… a “Hamburglar” looking chunky fellow was sent back to his neck of the WOULDS… Eye is not even going to relay where The 40-Year Old Virgin was slapped at: It’s Showtime.

[Jules Verne was a …, Anyone?  Jules Verne was a… Anyone? —Really! Any Freq will do here, France Info 105.5 FM 👀, period]

A quick programming note, fip dot france is kind of sort of like trying to put together a Charreada but it sounds more like Water For Chocolate, ask Luzbeki what Eye is talking about, mi Negro… they call it music para “churreRÍAS”… but at least them Sirenes got their WaWa’s Right… ¡OLÉ, Maja! Time Now Entre Dos Aguas es 18h37 in 75003 Time. ISSY, CABRÓN SOY yo, y Chili Pepper (Serrano) tambor, Aussie.

Just The Facts, Mme… MSNBC starts the new Cuarteto de Biden, — REMEMBERING DONALD JOHN TRUMP. 

Witt this in mind, please put an HasteRisk on that Cabrón there. And Claire McCaskill i trust that you might perhaps tal vez, y porqué no, —Chata… hasta quizás y Zas!, hasta olvidar that this rollo is benchmarked to what the Academia de la Lengua Mexicana, —de mexicanos— is missing, and i hope that President Biden does not follow in the same alphabetical mocho-order of el “Diccionario de Mexicanismos, de la Academia Mexicana de la lengua”… and here is why Nicole,  you “onca shark” pundit you:

In Hilo, Hawaii, it is still Inauguration Day, —yeah Buddy.

Silly Ape, Evry one at CNEWS Matin knows that nothing is Moore American than BEN AFFLICT, period! Number one, Ben is a despicable Bostonian (the WO’ist); number 2, Ben, like Evry fucking Bostonian (KnotWittStanding talent, of course) moved to El Ey, eh; and Number Three—he’s from Boston, that Puritan Fuck!

Please reference Run DMC’s Peter Piper’s Cabrón section, which curves in a sort of kind of little something like, “bad not being bad, and good not necessarily being good,” or something like that.

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