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Enero 19, 2021
Inauguration Eve… They Time

We begin the transmission with Yesterday news… and you can check with Hallie Jackson, because Garret Haï–qué‽, that there cigar and it’s faithful partner in crime-cer, the fucking cigarx under an angry man were the Smoke Signals that the FOX News network does not want you to know about.

Lorem Ipsum follows…

Well, how’bout that Olivia Troy, Nicole is a “Bald-headed…?”,  Anyone?… Eugene Robinson?… Anyone?

Departing Screen-grab not available… stay tuned for updates. .:. For the record, when Mme. Obama moved in  the FOX News crew foresaw the Rose Garden turned into a ghetto barbecue parking lot (or something like that), the SAD SAD reality is that their opportunistic President (Trump)turned it into a trailer park kegger wraslin camp.

“Homegirl,” said Jason Johnson.
Close, but not quite, said the « quema cocos* » in charge of conducting the last Two Hours before the Eve of Donald John Trump’s departure from The White House.

*Please ask a BFM’er TV ‘CHOLO’ or, The Mexican Academy of Language or, it’s very incomplete diccionariobecause it is, Dra. Muñiz and that’s a fact; ask Mí why— what a “quema cocos” is in ghetto-speak.

Music for Silent Mexican Movies from The Year of Mexico in France, part deux… goes ⤵️

Eye is nothing Moore than a Drop in The Ocean… ISSY: LED ZEPPELIN GOES HERE.

Anyhow, Rachel Maddow… [M’]ember that speech that President Macron delivered immediately following the events of the 6th of January at the CApitol? Well, if you can read between lines this is what transpired as i maneuvered the common room of an already mentioned exclusively open club (for members only, of course) and if you are Knot reading this, it is now only one day or rather 38 hours according to CongressSenatorLord O’Connell before the inauguration of the next COLD WAR with a place called Russia.

Also, nevermind the BrEaKiNg report about the infiltration of home-trained terrorists of the National Joke under the review of an old General Honoré, no disrespect for “the guard” but what if a Lieutenant Colonel of the 1st Weekend Regiment is employed by a Qanon fuck? What then?

AND RACHEL, breaking the news as you literally hand over the baton blue to the Last Word before the BriWi Show (literally) it goes like this and it is on the same track of my fellow Russian exile who stuck a spoon in the big Nutella®️ jar on Sunday night, then licked the nougat off of the spoon and immediately proceeded to stick the same motherfucking spoon into the aforementioned confiture jar. Luckily… yada, yada, yada, a firewall in the organizational chart there caught the “little Russian expat”, admonished his ass on THE SPOT, and disposed of the fucking (fake) chocolate spread in the trash. TO THE CREDIT OF the rest of the ex-Soviets in the room, i did make out the words “kulture General” in the middle of all of the Cyrillic alphabet rap that rained on that pétulant baby-faced son of a bitch. So Rachel, what are you? Russian? Stop nabbing the Breaking News if there is literally a passing of the Baton in real stride. Now go catch a trout in the river under The Brooklyn Bridge, and eat it this time and don’t you DARE put that fucking CAUGHT FISH (back into) in the stream.

Now about that speech that Mr. Macron directed at all of u.s. at The American City (experiment) in Babylon TWO, it went down like this… and off-course Jason Johnson the following must be read in a Brian Williams dressed as “El Gato VOL-Ahhhh-DOHR” Dominican voice:

1. The scene

2. The setting

3. The delivery

4. La “Jiribilla*


* Check wit La Academia de La Lengua Mexicana y su diccionario de mexicanismos mexicanos.



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