We now return to: las pencas nuevas que al maguey le broten, —my Brother

Kiicking ass while kickin’ it to the beat »…

Hello! if you are just tuning in, know that it is not, i repeat, this is not:
– “a” facebook
– “a” Twitter
– “a” Tumbler
– “a” Snapchat
– or any encrypted social media application…
🚰 C4848F85-873B-4EE1-8091-DCA8C450E049 ♒️ This here, my dear BFM TV and CNEWS Matin consumers is a Blog. It is not a GoDaddy blog, it’s a WordPress®️ Blog. And for the record, the expressed written opinions are mine. All of this these expressions (👺) are based on anecdotal and documented evidence… of course, to get away with IT, one must be from Boston, from Oxford, or just plain OLD French. In other words if the horse you rode strides on a different trot, no amount of treaties, accords, or plain old Government Instructions between NATIONS is a match to municipal clerk WHO IS JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS from the NATIONAL Police. Talk (buzz–buzzz) about it like little fucking working bees, or ASK me about itin other words, Counselor, don’t work your imagination if you don’t know how to tie a knot on a Venn Diagram or criss-cross the faces on a Hypercube.

https ://imdb .com /TITLE /tt1764272/

For the record, i stopped asking why a few months ago, especially when it comes to the themes and wherever these take us. Por ejemplo, Raquelito:

Unless you have a LEAK on your staff pipeline, you have to explain to Congressman Lawerence O’Connell how it is that your theme in three-hours time is going to feature a Michigan “G•R•I•F•O,” and from Moore•Town, —no less.

But, Rachel, nevermind the SOURCE, the Venn Diagram here deals with that COUNTY COURT HOUSE case THAT STARTED it, all. It was KNOT family court, but stay with me (in a few you’ll be able to make heads from tails so that the msnbc monkees can beef-up their content… for FREE), and Cousin Joe, about those WaWa Cooler bets with Willie Geist, you better pay the “bookie” before his imagination runs-out.

Now about the Screen-grab of Natasha Bertrand enjoying a Chinese bearded pony ride, you must cross The Atlantic to decipher that.

Take el ocho de la Paz, or as Vilma Fuentes used to call him, don Octavio Paz y su rodeo « etched in Stone », y por eso let’s take a ride on The Interstate and listen to this song in your PODs.

[Circle Jerk etched in stone goes here… mañana]

… [I]t is Wan in the Moore’ning, and Deer Joy Anne Reed, Öüï’s going to switch it over to Class Six, if you know Morale[S] and Welfare… but before we go, know that we were NOT INVITED HERE, we asked for permission FO’ist, which happens to be different than a Word in the Wind… i actually have the paper trail to sing Joaquín Murrieta’s song where er Eye Goes.

To celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s., Birthday, the GOOGLE DOODLE properly featured the Inventor of a game called Basketcase.

For those who don’t know, Joaquín Murrieta no era chileno—ni extraño… SERRANO sí, chileno no.

P.S. For Shizzle, Natasha. FO’shizzle.

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