Oh, hey pretty woman — Sunny Afternoon, eh.

Good morning, it’s just after midnight in Hora Central de La Otan, and if you know what that means in UTC then you understand ZULU Time.

Welcome! To another edition of: 82000B1E-CB7D-46C8-A60F-7BF7F50900B3 ➿ Where Were You when it all went down? I will tell you where I was… and the most informed cop on France could match the freq’s, on account that he has access to the police scanner at the Underground… ISSY, Lieutenant,  you may keep the needle nose pliers this time, and thank you for not tasing me, but EYE sure as fuck is curious why you stopped your “tactical” search once you reached my location, I am just glad that “chance”, as luck would have IT!, pulled me out of the capsule/shelter. Anyhow, once your squad debriefs you, Sir… anyhow, do  tell that sexy cop at the bottom of the stairs that it would not work out, she seems nice and I saw the look in her eyes, but it wouldn’t work out; what with my lifestyle and her modus operandi, but the capsule/shelter is still available for the time being—But not for a long-term compromise. Do-drop-inor Knot, the offer stands the choice is yours.

Previously on, “At Least Dorsey has a fip (dot) fr tattoo on his beautiful skin”… here’s part two:

Fuck You Donald Trump, and your Cocaine Addicted son Don, aussi… not that there is anything WRONG WITH THE COCA LEAF, it’s consumers like your son and the BANKS (HSBC, et. al.) who made of that energy supplement the evil currency to fund American WARS.

BUT FO’ist, Monsieur, Macron… watch this space ⤵️

ISSY, “las pencas nuevas que al maguey le brotan, vienen marcadas”, anyone?, anyone?, Malcolm? Anyone?

Survey says: they arrive etched in Stone.

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