A Gumbo recipe on the map of Mehdi and the Witt of La Petite A*mandine

🎶 Commencing countdown, Ingin‘s on (5,4,3…)

A La Luna, Alicia!!! And knot Selene, not Selena.

Ladies in Gemini, as the French prepare to send La Petit A*mandine to replace last year’s GUADELOUPE offering for The Little Prince’s once-in-a-lifetime wife-for-a-year, in space, —where else‽, i am going to take you live to MEMPHIS for an update on the Wacky Rig Races, where Mexican water/telephone/cellular/banking and overall Cappo de Tutti, Carlos Slim just signed un Czecho (pronounced Cheko) de Guadalajara, for the new Moderna Racing Branch under the banner of our former sponsors at Hueco TANKS, Texas: RED BULL.

Full disclosure: Zeppelin (Houses of the Holies) GOES HERE, and i will explain that in a minute just for YOU, Lindsey Reiser.

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Hueco_Tanks

Dr. Carr, (no pun intended) Ph.D. at EPCC (El Paso, TX) will not let us make this up, mostly because he suggested that i go ahead and capture Matthew McConaughey’s doppelgänger there (at Hueco, not WACO Tanks), and lo and behold, by the end of that weekend Red Bull gave me my first SLR, not a big one, just a little Rebel XT, enough to get us onto the next BOULDER, if you catch our drift; SO, WITT that in mind, Segoviaspixes hereby commits himself to not meddle with Czecho’s runs on the Moderna Track… but we make no compromise with Carlos Slim, fuck him!

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Siège_de_Waco


OLIVE BRANCH be damned!!! Gennady Golovkin just rolled out from a Memphis hub, on the Moderna Track.

Watch this race .:. CE30C847-0119-494F-BB36-77CB73671582 .:. Czecho might get his 2nd Pole position and Gennady could grind some Cinnamon rolls.

Note to Carlos Slim:

Dear, Sir… as you probably “heard it through the grape vine”, is it possible that the Guadalupe—Reyes protests of the MAGA crowd are straight from the “manual del plantĂłn polĂ­tico de MĂ©xico”? What are the odds of that, eh‽ I say that about the same of having a Canelo – Triple G re-engagement affair.

Wüa•The•Loup•Eh — Re•Yes
for dummies.

It’s a Catholic thing, so it’s a lot of fun, if you happen to believe in the idea of laicity because if you do then the the 25 days between December 12 (Our Lady of Guadalupe) and January 6 (Epiphany) is a lot like carnival in Brazil, but instead of parades and boobies, you have posadas and Catholic Girls… and if you like Frank Zappa, then you know that Catholic Girls are big in Czechoslovakia.

Now if youse like really–really laic, then you will want to book your “cuota” past February the 1st and all the way until the end of “El DĂ­a de La Candelaria”, and then head over to Tamaulipas because come “Ash Wednesday” in Louisiana, then it’s confinement time, —Again!

Now, i reckon that if the grand re-opening of La Agro Bourse (en Les Halles, above) para el próximo 23 de enero goes on, without a hitch– fingers crossed, then you are probably going to be present because if you skip the ceremony Salma Hayek will cut your (pinches) nuts off, eh‽

Witt that in mind, hold on a minute:

I’ll be back

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