Page 34 on “20 seconds” — Deer, Q’hier Simmons:

Deer, Q’hier Simmons,

A map of Baja California and Baja California SUR projected over Tiny Horse’s–es LOMO reveals a Pacific Ocean and the rest of México en tinieblas .:. 4A63209B-0AA6-45D4-AEB6-0B2028498C41 🐎 And now, “the rest of the story”, with Natasha Bertrand… it’s a pony!!!

Could you please ask Katty Kay if “BBC” is still the Crown’s code for « Big Black Cock » because if that Swan and Licorne song remains the same, well[ington] is going to have to re-brand the All-Blacks in Kiwilandia… ni modo mis negritos, but if the politically correct Rosbifs are going to scream foul on account of their White Imperial and Colonizing guilt on account of a term of endearment in Latin America, then Peter Jackson is going to have to rebrand (in a documentary) The Beatles White Album.  

EXHIBIT ONE: 🎶🎶🎶 Hey Negrita… like a Rolling Stone, do you fuckers even read your own regalia and heraldries? LOOK HERE, you scone munchers hooli-fags, the “ito” part of NE-gr-“ITO” is the same term of affection used for “el pinche” CHICHARO!!! Does Anybody Remember a el CHICHARITO!!! Bola de Puuuuuu—TOS!

¡No Te Dejes, Cavani!!! The fuckers at the Federation can’t even speak their own language. Fuck’em#

« Dans la culture chrétienne. L’animal, dont le chant annonce le lever du soleil, symbolise en effet le passage des ténèbres à la lumière. Cet oiseau solaire serait ainsi un symbole de Jésus ».

All this time, you probably thought that we were talking about MALE genitals and not referencing the FRENCH interpretation of Our Lord and Savior¹, the one and only:

« Dieu et mon droit », that is what French Resistance General, Charles de Gaulle used to tell that dumb fuck, Arthur Neville Chamberlain every time that the nazi appeaser used to lobby the Brits to ditch the Frog. It’s Trou!… and Charlie in the dentils, Does Not Surf,  —period!

Jesus Christ (bantam weight), because of course you all know by now that the Superstar is Black, right‽ Así mismo, como un negrito, pues.

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