The Bottom Line, boarding passes and an Audio Track

Context follows:

12/14 — COINCIDENCE?… only if you are not current on your motherfucking Ancient Aliens episodes and the STORY of TWELVE (12 is 1 + 2 Three)
It took just a little over six years, by our count, to finally see what the Olympiads and the long Reach of François Mitterrand (la biblioteca, Knot the man) would look like without the laminate wall that hid all of the above ground works in front of what used to be, « La Maison Blanche » at Saint-Ouen… and we (the staff) gotta hand it to the Republic, that is one pretty fucking tunnel on the new extension of Metro Line 14 (from the Christoper Dickey Train Station a.k.a. Saint Lazare) to a place called The Docks…

Penelope Pitstop takes the new tram to Saint-Ouen and Tiny Horse is the happiest groom in the City of Lights. Across The Atlantic, it’s 300 K deaths to celebrate yesterday’s HisToric Start of the Wacky Trucking Race.

Ladies in Gemini:
El Corrido de Tiny and Alex

Now if you are wondering why “The Squad” had their PR Element missing in action on the Baby Cross Show on Tiffany Cruz’ Cross Connections on Cross Talk, now you know, that AOC was on leave getting hitched with Tiny Horse, as we speak, the happy couple is “HONEYMOONING down by The Seine”, and the way things are going, they’re going to crucify Mí.

Breaking ground .:. D4D313DE-0D74-4D09-B2DE-10DD2A474478 🚇 CALIFORNIA is certifying, as we TYPE, the next president of Them United States of America, in Central NATO Times it’s 11h, now according to the French, Evry body’s life is going to CHANGE “automatically” after December the 14th… o sea, TODAY!

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