Lo Lamento, Lallement… but you look like Stephen Miller in the U.S.A.

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“We wanted to prove that a Well-Oiled machine could send an office boy to the Senat[e].”

Tom Pendergast

Missouri Political Boss


They Call Mí, Trinity

They Call Mí, Trinity ⚽️ 0C9DCAC3-513E-4F3E-B3F0-F5C069DC1282 👂🏼 … but over at the Préfecture de Paris (Centre) Eye is really, Nobody (1973).

Lorem Ipsum dolores follows… on number 3, and here’s why Chayito Oaken (Rosario Robles), because it’s funny, until it’s not. Por ejemplo, Dave Chappelle, …

The Ministry of Social Development (SeDeSol en Espagnol del bueno) was pretty much “the influencer” who would design strategies to plan for better living conditions, especially among the most MARGINALIZED sectors of the Rural and Urban communities in Mexico among the other Cabinet positions of then Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto. That same ministry-level pay-grade has been rebranded with a more “of the people” sounding, Ministry of Well-being under el presidente, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Well, long storEy sHort, those strategies to that Chayito Oaken (Rosario Robles) was supposed to have come up with never materialized for the advertised POLITICAL ADS and instead, the ALLOCATIONS (moneies) to pay for those projects, designed to help the marginalized sectors of the Mexican Census, were SIPHONED instead, like a…

Like a…

Like a…
Like a:

to key politicians and empresarios. To put it in perspective, when a natural disaster happen, the ministry that Chayito Oaken (Rosario Robles) would make the difference between a well-planned community outreach program and one that resembles the Bush Administration response to Hurricane Katrina, or our current 45th iteration in Puerto Rico with Hurricane Maria, because the context here is distribution of resources and properly planned communities in accordance to their geographical and regional needs.

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