And in Washington, Donnie Deutsch goes as Velma for Halloween

Issy, Issa… Donnie sure looks like “el glande” in purple drab, Puerto Ricans on Donnie’s payroll are stipulated to call that prick “El Grande”, but that’s like asking the president of Mexico to stop eating “eses”.

… [A]unque sea como tomarse un tafil, me van a estar escuchando a mi, que no hablo de corrido y me como las “s” y ofrezco disculpa”.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

After the break on the black mirror on the other side, or something like that, Issa Rae reveals her Halloween costume, which she is already wearing, and Eye betts that you won’t guess WATT it is*, here’s a hint Michael Che, D.A.R.E. is a formula for that.

* Answer: The UniCycler


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