Intermedio with The ConWays — Pilot episode : My mother gives me the COVIDS

Later in the programming:

Three Olympic depth pools

Hear Mí out, Joe 🧜🏻‍♀️ 777D86EB-0A49-4C3B-A956-379F85E48A93 🐊 Three Olympic depth pools will Do, Eye guarantee D.A.T. it will bee the greatest scuba diving learning experience since Atlantis.

Are you a medical professional?”
Kellyanne Conway’s rebuttal to a reporter asking about her boss‘ response to a then growing number of reported COVID-19 mortalities.

Eat your pancakes, child

Eat your pancakes, child .:. D35C278D-40AC-4E7F-A5A9-73018146F8CF 🎢 MARCH 6, 2020… and did ÖÜÏ mention that the Third month of Twelve is named Santiago, James? But don’t worry about D.A.T., Rocky, ‘cus EVRYone knew him as Mars.

Synopsis: Kellyanne Conway gets exasperated and gives a c – span . org reporter the Eye that she wished she could give to Claudia back home when the issue of “containment” develops at the kitchen table.

https ://www .cspan .org /video /?470121 -1 /kellyanne-conway-coronavirus-contained

Just the facts, ma'am

“Just the facts, ma’am .:. CB5B3AFF-7C93-4303-BB35-9ED984CC6F73 ”, period!

Coming attractions:

Kayleigh Got Ran Over by The COVID, and she don’t care. People close to the set outside of a military hospital, obviously being ran by a bunch of “losers” according to the V.I.P. patient at the Executive suite of Walter Reed’s Medical Center at The Potomac, said that Kayleigh has got a Ticket To RIDE, and she don’t C.A.R.E.

Fair Use of Nato in the form of Europe 1:
https ://www .europe1 .fr /international /la-porte-parole-de-donald-trump-testee-positive-au-covid-19 -3996397

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