September 29th, 2020 — Hear Mí out, Franck

This is an Advertorial

… [I]t’s lifestyle of the rich with comb overs.

Got Coffee for your Puto?

As the most heroico mes (September) begins to Wine down, we [the staff] take this opportunity to salute former Philippines first lady (and The Beatles fan) Imelda Marcos.

https ://www .nbcnews .com /tech /philippines-duterte-calls-facebook-accounts-taken-rcna142

Indeed, most Texicans in Samalayuca forget that Las Filipinas, por muy islas pacíficas que sean no dejan de cargar con un poco de la llamada “Madre Patria” en sus Rituales más Habituales, and isn’t that what heritage, NOT INHERITANCE—mr. president, is all about?

Attention Editors:

Je voudrais être belge

Je voudrais être belge, just like don Epigmenio González .:. 5B194790-0A7E-440B-B4E6-D40E3397C938 🇲🇽🇵🇭 Indeed, bola de Puuuuuuutos.

non-readers of this most non–consequential blog must be briefed on the relation between the month of September in the Latino USA calendar, Mexico’s Independence heroes, and Rodrigo Duterte’s facebook account.


Vía /r/mexico:
https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /j1ez88 /perdon_por_ser_tan_infantil_pero_vas_a_querer_puto/

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