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Ladies in Gemini, before we begin the transmission öüï must apologize to professor at Princeton, Eddie Gloude Jr., on account that a certain Street Players interrupted tonight’s schedule segment on Jimmy BaldWin.

Full disclosure With All Due Respect

Full disclosure With All Due Respect .:. CF3AE167-62B0-44FE-9514-CEA1002BA2BF ✊🏽 As the Clearest form of Present Danger to Chuck Todd’s Republic (…) is being evaluated at The Pentagon, just in case an old navy n°6 is called on Rockridge by Governor William J. Le Petomane, we are going to break down the tragic wonton shooting of an Old Kentucky Wall. Aussi, with full transparency in mind, be advised that just as we are listening to Katty Kay on the Ari Melver Show, we also don’t have the option to have a picture of The Beat on our cell phone screen, this of course means, that we did not see the video of last night’s Avi Velshi Hour, at the time when either Joyce or Maya made the statement where one of them feminas puts the blame of the SHOOTING OF D.A.T. poor wall, on the ex-boyfriend of the neighbor of the innocent WALL.

With that in mind, Reverend Sharpton, and because we can’t really do anything about a possible AMERICAN STYLE golpe de estado, at the steps of The motherfucking White House (oh, the humanity), but we can most certainly relate to how courts all agree to put the blame on the lowest possible Common Denominator, which according to last night’s Avi Velshi’s Hour, was settled on the fucking ex-boyfriend; not the faulty warrant, not the faulty “guest log” at the County Jail, and not the Kentucky storm-troopers, and certainly not, shitty police procedures.

This is to say, Reverend Al, that if you know how to prepare Joy Anne’s Original Colonel Reid’s Catsoup recipe, then you know that there are only so many ways to skin a cat (for the soup)…


Page 9 InStyle Section

— In Washington, Rolo LeMire gets a haircut at Amy’s Back-alley Cuts (to be continued)…

Expect a darker look

Attention non-readers… objects on the Original R.G.B. snapshot WILL have “a darker and more dull” resolution if the image is converted to CMYK .:. 65AC6188-61D9-4AAE-A9D1-B0E8A3601045 .:. Source: https ://www .ashworthcreative .com/blog/2014/06/difference-cmyk-rgb-colors/

— In Paname, a recently departed Supreme (no, Michael Steele, not one of them hearing symphonies) was spotted next to the River Seine in Paname in the vicinity of the power station near Metro Line7 (the pink line). The Justice’s spirit wore an exquisite metal hat and her trademark Collar (sans judicial robe).

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