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And in Washington, With–All–Due RESPECT:

1. BFM’er TV is bringing back, or their viewership do want to bring back*, the Guillotine, or firing squad, or the NOOSE to the Supreme Court in France.

https ://www .bfmtv .com /police-justice /une-majorite-de-francois-sont-favorables-au-retablissement-de-la-peine-de-mort _AV-202009150140 .html

* Inverse Property of Colors in political parties affiliation, there is a F(x) for, IT!, but for now just note that “Liberal” in Europe is a “CON-ser-va-tive” in any of the 3 Branches  of public service in them, United States.

2. Facts for this story are still marinating, wait one… because it appears that Phil Griffin (that motherfucker) decided to bring back the “ticker”…

Just the Facts, Kayleigh

Just the Facts, Kayleigh! And then, off–course öüï Fuck. .:. 542DE29A-3249-4A45-AD4E-17F8375EB0AF 🏛 Your boss, Kayleigh McEnany, is responsible for all of the deaths on that god-damn news ticker. EXTRA CREDIT IF, and ONLY IF… tonight’s Siren Den staff can figure out the INVERSE F(x) for the letter M, mr. Wilson. “It’s Symbolic, of course,” Kayleigh McEnany.

y’all remember the news ticker don’t ya! NOW before you all go on and get them fancy g-strings all up in a bunch, Eye needs you to remember that the following is part of a Human Number, its number you ask? Let u.s. ask N°42.

3. … [A]nd in Washington, Joyanne Reid is pulling a JAY LENO move on the AM weekend shift, oh—the irony within the cable news tyranny. Sadly, those dang’on Eddy Currents are acting up, which off-course prevent Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo from TUNING IN right now (at the 17h in CET)… it is however, not important AT ALL, what with u.s. being a most non–consequential blog; just like Civics in junior high, who cares, eh! ELECTIONS‽ Supreme Court??? Is that like a “supreme leader judge” for Donald Trump… Yeah, Buddy*, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

* … [A]nd, because the president’s fixer, and Donnie Deutsch–es–es 5th Avenue drinking buddy, Michael Cohen told all of you motherfuckers at the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., right now, “that the president has no sense of humor,” then you should EQUATE that that motherfucker at the White House (William Barr) is thinking that his number one client —Donald John Trump, or “individual ONEin some docket of El Chapo Guzman’s jailers in the Southern District of Nueva Yo’l— is already thinking how he could muzzle the Justices for BARRON The First.


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