Previously on, The Distribution Will Not Be Televised

It’s Five o’Clock Somewhere, with Bradley Cooper… it certainly is here, isn’t IT!, Siren? You know it is, Bobby Darin. You know it, is.

… [I]ndeed, öüï begin the transmission with the old-Got-Yo-Ass ‘cus you got used to it, Siren, Eye told you that from Rio to Paris it was La rentrada, o algo así. Hang in D.A.R.E. viril voice of  hope at the Siren Den!

En contexto, after what seemed eons, for the first time in recorded World history (because as you know, it was the very French who went ahead and invented El mundo de Le Monde) a Siren was stuck in the bottlenecks of el mundo de Paris.

The event, experts agree —all of’#Em— was stranger than seeing Halley’s Comet swing twice in a hundred years, or as the Pope says, seeing a Bear shit in the woods… aunque usted no lo crea.

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