Deer, Pao… nevermind the Occult-ation

The following is a working example of reel-time Pareidolia, and Alicia, öüï can’t make this stuff up, experts agree —all of’em— that if one squints really–really hard one might even get a glimpse of Uranus… aunque usted, marchantita, no lo crea.

Actually, Mr. Trump

Actually, Mr. Trump, as you can clearly see from this transparency of the occultation of the Moon, Africa —motherfucker— is the nut sack (not the shit hole*) of the World {therefore} A95AB9DB-60CE-4AD4-AF13-E186B553C35E 🥑 In this transparency it is clear that on account of the position on the “güevito” and the foreskin between the solid white, the temperature is rather cold  otherwise the “tip” of the solid white would probably reach beyond Easter Island… Yeah Buddy.

… gremlins continue to interfere with the S-3 (comm support) keep your Squelch in the “on” position.

Anyhow, Ms. RayMos, it’s the 11th Hour on my neck of the latitudes, and you know what D.A.T., means, right? —That’s right Avi Velshi, it’s time to mark your calendars because on September 10, Byrd se Deborah all of the stars under Milky Way [tonight] and Eye is telling you Alicia Menendez, that YOU JUST can’T MaKE This Stuff UP!

Off–course you know

Off–course you know 🐰54AEEA8B-9201-49C4-81AA-93971F84FDF1 🐇 This means that you have to suspend reality because Öüï can’t make this up.

Coming up on Ancient Regimes, it’s The nona–Q files.

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