* French-kissing chainsaws — Eye bet you think this post is about you

* Anyhow, Mr. Schmidty [NYT, knot the other prick], Eye had the opportunity to get a glimpse of that D.A.R.E. barn you transmitted from, on during last night’s edition of Deadline.

They say...

They say… 📙 6BDFDA52-9F32-4327-A9AC-E2554A31DF73 📕 D.A.T. one is supposed to read these from Back to Front… Yeah Buddy!

Here’s the thing, sir… Eye is certainly knot one of them fancy French smarty-pants in the « devoir » de compagnons of the Cathedral de Nôtre Dame y la San A. Horia, but i certainly hope you kept the receipt if that  D.A.R.E. tool shed is not a Bed & Breakfast, because that contractor seemed to have pulled a Donald Trump Construction Racket job, yeah, buddy.

For the record, Mr. (young) Schmidty, File this under we don’t select the guerrilla-style advertising of yet another Calle de París, The Police calls, IT!, synchronicity, or something like that.

But FO’ist!
To conmemorate the end of a little thing called World War II, jazz en fip got a case of them Tokio Bleus, Susana Puveda won’t let u.s. lie. ¿A poco no, Suzi? But if this doesn’t make you Wag Your Tail, Siren, check this shit out:

“No doubt about, IT!, —We’ll Get Out of The PANdemic With A Better Health System »,
AMLO, 2do Informe de Gobierno.

https ://www .elfinanciero .com .mx /nacional /no-es-para-presumir-pero-el-segundo-informe-de-amlo-en-sus-mejores-frases


previously on “aquí te hablan, Piporro”

Previously on “aquí te hablan, Piporro” .:. BA1EAB7B-4D79-4DA3-BF10-AEE90443F90A ⛩ El Segundo Informe de Gobierno coincidió con la despedida de a lo mejor quien fuese el último soldado del pelotón de la brigada de Televisa, Manuel “el loco” Valdés. En México, La Televisión Ya No Es Un MEDio, para JoDIdos. … y al regresar: La Pantera de Guadalupe.

[Note to y’all: to keep the theme, or as the very French say, el puto motivo pues, de permanecer otro rato en la huasteca de Louisiana, the above mentioned must be read in a Lalo González “Piporro’s” voice, acordeón y redova is optional]


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