How to bury a Lead – Los quintos de una ricachona on Blue Notice de Nueva York

Of course… me lo dijo un pajarito, the exchange went a little Σ’things like this:

Page Two

Page Two: Sergio Mendes killed Jazz, Leni Hall, with the Help of a “Russian” TRUMPetist buried it under a bullring in Tijuana… stay tuned for details, DebyDownerDebo reporting. —|— And in Portland, Oregon, things are beginning to look like it’s Los Angeles, California, in 1984, with a re-casting of opposing viewpoints and participants; D.A.T. is to say, instead of “Bloods” vs. “Crips”, you’ve got a whole different bunch of Armed American People, in The United States, aunque usted, no lo crea.

  — Maaaaaan! Did you see that Donald Trump gentleman wearing steel-toe boots?
— Nah, but Eye got a vibe that Bozo The Clown, with his big-ass clown shoes probably had more grace (walking) than that racist sonovavitch.

Los Cherokees de París

Los Cherokees de París .:. 1C1E7B82-698B-4559-ABEB-BA952B9A0030 … “Sunday morning”, Willie Geist, is EvryThey!!! Just Ask Mme. OBONO à Paris.

https ://www .cnews .fr /france /2020-08-30 /daniele-obono-en-esclave-dans-valeurs-actuelles-la-classe-politique-et-emmanuel

You’re a Blue Byrd?
No, you’re a Blue Byrd
Are you sure Eye is a Blue Byrd?
Well, he sure looks like a Blue Byrd!
Ah, yes! Black Byrd, nevermind him*, he just came in on the last manifesto from The Sombrero GalaxyYeah, Buddy.

Sounds of a funky mariachi approaching The Sombrero Galaxy goes here ⤵️ :

https ://www .fip .fr/emissions /club-jazzafip /fip-celebre-charlie-parker-avec-the-new-york-blue-note-quintet


Las fuentes de los Cien Años de Parker y Juan.

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