Pg. 46-55: Les veines ouverts de Sofia Vergara’s “devotion bag”

But FO’ist!!! Dr. Jill Biden corrects Mika on the Willie Geist Show, Oh•The Humanity of this profe…

Perpetual Oyster Series

Well… you’ve heard about the officially certified superlative chronometers, —it’s knot one of those ⏱ EB6BA300-D214-462D-89C6-BCCE2737E232 🧭 ¡Señora¡ We are taking perpetual oyster quality here, Yeah Buddy! We’re talking spiral Seconds hand in what the very Swiss call “verte”. After the break, it’s page 2 and 3 of this week’s re-hash of M magazine, n°465.

Don’t call her the “Second Lady”, because as a self-proclaimed “Working Girl” she is better known as:

The Vice Wife, in•deed, Cousin Joe, indeed. And you can add D.A.T. to your collaborative history book of historias del barrio, Yeah Buddy!

Entonces pues, for those not yet synched–in with our continuing coverage of “Si el norte fuera el sur”, un tal « Fidel » andaba corriendo con una bolsa por Wall Street, o algo así. So, öüï need you to knot read the following recorte in a Paola Ramos voice… if you are a method actor or, as in the case of Paola, Actor-X, go ahead and swallow a tub full of gummy bears and chase it with a week’s worth of adderall.

Job opportunities click on the Hasterisk .:.

Ladies, ladies, ladies, the agro food packaging and animal buy products industry is hiring. Job opportunities, just click on the Hasterisk .:. D04528CF-20C2-462D-B6F6-239B10698DFC *️⃣ Craiglist job bank.

Aussi, since öüï is all caught-up with the BARR graphs of the now infamous HoBO Axios “revenge interview” sketched by the Australian media outpost at Lafayette Square, and perpetrated on the smartest president of the United States since ‘like Yorch Washington’ —verdadMika Brzezinski can now Ketchup with… The Rest of The Story.

And, Willie Geist, please be advised that the Swan outside of Cousin Joe’s Nantucket hideout is “A–Ok”, in other words, The Swan Remains The Same, öüï repeats, The Swan Remains The Same; we [the staff] told y’all that it was a 1500 (plus) page investigation into Colombia, per the stringiest benchmarks of current events, we remind you, atento non-reader, that we don’t select the juxtapositions designed by le Directeur de la Création au Monde, we just turn’em.

What are the odds

What are the odds, Cousin Joe! .:. LET MÍ, roll it to ya’.

And oh–by–the Wey, hoy no hubo jazz because it’s night three of the Zoom(ed) In(out) Democratic Convention in Mitt Romney’s home state, where even DeAngelo Moroni is getting ready to welcome Mike Pence’s next worst nightmare (after upsettingmother”) at an Outback steakhouse, heck, after the debate is over Eye is betting the house (of Nicolle Wallace—of course) that the current Vice is gonna turn into a Vegan, even if, “mother” gets upset.

NOW! Before Nicolle Wallace gets into her 7000 Questions Club, öüï are going to switch, IT, over to Page Two… Yeah Buddy!

This Bud's for Ewe

In memory of the original Generation X Canine… puro Colmillo .:. 4B2A4CF6-456C-4335-915B-272BD43C2635 .:. This Bud’s for Ewe, Socks… you fucking pussy.

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