One hundred days al desnudo con Kayleigh McEnany —edición Hawaiiana

🎶 Please don’t—please don’t be long
please don’t belong. Please don’t be long💨

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /639906 /la-tormenta-hanna-derriba-parte-del-muro-fronterizo-entre-texas-y-tamaulipas-video

La tormenta “Hanna” derriba parte del muro fronterizo entre Texas y Tamaulipas .:. 137760C9-A86C-408C-997F-5EBF6CA648B1 🤼‍♂️ Everybody in the Tale told Humpty Dumpty that sitting ringside on this Lucha Libre match was a bad idea, especially when “Hanna la loca” was on El Huracán Ramírez’ side.

It’s the 14 hundred hour Hurricane Watch in Hilo, Hawaii, and in the great state of Louisiana, James Carvile is huffing, and a puffing, because he is playing the role of “The Big Bad Wolf” in Del Rio, Texas.

Legendary archive of James Carvile as “Lobito”, in Old México, “Lobito” is alright:

💨🎶 Todos queremos al Loco, El Loco es un encanto, El Loco es un primor… Uso justo de Don Manuel Valdés en el rol de James Carville.

Meanwhile at the Way to Early desk, the set is getting moist in the most Tropical ways. In Hilo, Hawaii it’s the 11th Hour, and El Huracán Douglas [MacArthur] just spared pineapple grove.

Over at the Last Week Tonight on the HoBO TV, John Oliver is about to piss-off The Rachel Maddow Show. John Oliver (that motherfucker) did not get the memo D.A.T. you•are•KNOT• supposed to bring up China during an Election year.

First they came for your news tickers

First they came for your news tickers .:. EBDCB239-EFED-4997-8B51-E4B87A30DD62 📰 And then they took away the headline, now they have taken away the numbers… it could be 150,000 COVID-19 casualties, it could be more, but the silver lining on this is that if a second wave should creep into the EST, them casualties of Donald John the first will be afforded refrigeration and a comfortable card-box coffin.


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