Ladies in Gemini — Meet El Charro de Washington

The following is an intermission while öüï play Ketchup* with Yesterday’s news:

What’s The Frequency, Kayleigh?

What's The Frequency Kayleigh

I know you
I know you’ve seen her
She’s a sad tomato*
She’s three miles of bad road

In this outtake, Chuck Todd sings for u.s., the same song that Donald John Trump sang to Ivanka when he used to put her to sleep at night. The ballad, originally scored by Color Badd, is being repurposed here to say hello to our little Crush (with eyeliner) at the James S. Brady Press Room.

Anyhow, Sarah Cooper, It’s not you, it’s us. Please share this Code 500 when reporting the issue, and if Nicole Wallace has an issue with, IT!, please have her forward the work-order ticket to the BUZZFEED cyber security team (Feb. 2016 at Unesco Headquarters) and if you Sarah Cooper should lose your way through the CrashCodes on this wordpress site, just use the PromoCode: Loki is the god of mischief, and then Sarah Copper (You National Treasure—you), tell Willie Geist that you sound a lot like ROBIN DeAngelo’s take on “The Dehumanizing Condescension of White Fragilityon Today’s last word of The Morning Joe show, not for the racial aspects of that discussion, but for the condescension (if Eye may call, IT! D.A.T.) of this little teaser below ⤵️ on Deadline:

Hoy no hubo Jazz

Hoy no Hubo Jazz, in Spain, —Miles— only Sketches of Columbia and The Atlantic… In other words Avi Velshi, “Cuando Calienta El Sol — Solea”.

ISSY, Sarah Cooper, see if you can ad-lib the following text to your Milli–Vanilli curricula, because there is a fallacy in your mantra. Aussi, please forward the resulting Tic-Toc to Mika Brzezinski’s staff and to “the know your value” coven. Full disclosure i sleep on the streets when The París Police kicks me out of the abandoned metro tunnels and/or warehouses where i crash until my deportation review trial arrives, that is to say Sarah Cooper, i am one Winter away from holding signs of the end–is–near, so don’t read this, except for ENTERTAINING purpouses. With that in mind:

— Número Uno: Not everyone is “socially engineered” to be a sociopath like Donald John Trump. Ask his niece, W.H.O. by (know) now, everyone on “The Resistance” and “Never Trump” camp is acquainted with.

— Número Dos: Not Everyone is given millions and millions of U.S. Dollars and assets by the time that one’s first pubic hair starts to tickle the groin area.

— Número Tres: Not Everyone can seduce the Media and politicians with “donations” to further one’s goals.

* Note to the peacock network… will your new on–demand programming be featuring “The Apprentice” on its digital menu?

— Número CUATRO: Do you see what i am getting at?

If you do, Sarah Copper, then you may continue to not read this entry and consider why Donald John Trump is not just any individual, no. Donald John Trump, Sarah Copper, is “Individual ONE”. And for that very reason, Donald John Trump only qualifies as a form of inspiration to fictional characters like a younger Bobby De Niro in the role of “Jimmy The Gent”, of Goodfellas fame.

Anyhow, Sarah Cooper, i dared mentioned the Buzzfeed incident at Unesco just to drive my point to former Congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough the III, because of that part that follows Donald John Trump greatest accomplishment in life, where you mention, that “you can do anything”, here’s why (on Deadline):


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