Congratulations to Mr. Lenard McKelvey

A.K.A. “Charlamagne tha God”… [A]nd the good thing about this most non–consequential blog, is that Joshua Johnson does not Reid IT!

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👊🏼✊🏽👊🏼 The ball is rollin’ now. We [the staff] hope that this “march” goes the way that reparations for the Braceros of the “greatest generation” went; Reid About, IT, find out about it… ISSY, no es lo mismo pero sí es igual.

NOTE to The Rev.: Eddy Currents and Underground gremlins keep knocking the unauthorized signal that öüï are connecting to, as a result DANGLING Participles are in full-effect.

And in Washington, it’s 16 hundred hours and Yasmin Vossoughian ate Alicia Menendez, but not in a naughty way. So, if you need a translation to No Es Lo Mismo – pero sí es Iguala en Portland, OREGON, please consult your local Mexican putting the food on your tables.


Stay Close

“Stay Close”… it’s simbólico off Corse.

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