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And so it begins…

Please stand-by for a Fly-By, by Kentucky Democratic Colonel, Amy McGrath, WHO öüï hope is going to deliver Republican Capo-de-Tutti, Moscow “Mitch” McConnell’s head on a ballot.


IN•DEED .:. FFE12912-9792-43F2-8BE6-8CCC4721A9D5 .:. Indeed, y’all were.

But speaking of WAR BIRDS, “Quicksand” Nichols was in the middle of one of his MiserHablaBleus fables, when the Águila Americanista at Boeing [NYSE BA: Premarket 179.80 +4.15 (2.36%)] was reminding the rest of the Furries about her place on the Front.

National Lampoon's Vacation presents

National Lampoon’s Vacation presents .:. D265A693-A233-46CB-8AE5-754E7123F640 📡✈️🛰 Eye Can See for Miles and miles.

https ://www .nationaldefensemagazine .org /articles /2020/7/13 /breaking-boeing-lands-f15ex-mega-deal-worth-up-to-23-billion

Of course you know...

Of course you know… .:. EE2B0680-AB2D-48C3-9C88-0A08267D5EB8 𓉧 ISSY, it was the very French W.H.O. went ahead and constructed that building where 4 𓆣 would be forever captured by a French apparatus called a “Ca•me•ra”, or something like D.A.T., period — No Bastille Day is complete without fireworks and these four blokes.

19h in Central NATO Times

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