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Deer, Nicolle Wallace, give that Stangle fellow a week detention, —for pissing on the job!

And not to be outdone by Professor Eddie Gloude Jr., El Mundo de Le Monde went ahead and dedicated six motherfucking pages (from 46th to 51) to The Ruins of James Baldwin and, just rub-it in, those motherfroggers, TWO Whole pages to “the taste” of Mexico, —oh, the humanity.



Un Mundo recortado nos vigila

Deer, John Mill Ackerman, hang in there champ! If we [the staff] can put up with what you describe that happened to you, your family and, most important, your patrimony for the past nine years, surely, professor, you can handle the flack while you are part of the new (sanctified and holy) ruling Class.

In local nows:

Las noticias del Mundo de Le Monde reports that Vladimir Putin can now reign in peace now that the overwhelming majority of people at the voting booths in Russia have given the green light to Mr. Putin to rule the old Soviet Block for life. Over at the Rockefeller Comcast Observation Room, events beyond FloriBama are of no consequence for the good pundits at msnbc.


Prettiest Bastard Eye Ever Saw

Prettiest Bastard Eye Ever Saw .:. D7003735-BEB5-4F3F-BCB5-A115453F15FB .:. Coming to theaters on 4th of July 2020
The Prettiest Bastard Eye Ever Saw
A band in parts and Fickle Fucking Flack production. —_•!•_— The evangelists changed his name from Did–y–me to Thom-as, they did D.A.T. to distinguish him from Judas, the Benedict Arnold of the Superstar Traveling Act. “Doubting Thomas” earned his A•PO•DO (or nickname) because of his skepticism… “ver para creer,” is what he preached to his lying eyes. Scripture source: Defendente Génolini at CNEWS Matin.

On that same panoramic page, Le Monde reports that London will give Asylum to all of those W.H.O. went ahead and got smoked in Hong Kong.

The Twilight Zone (2019)

The Twilight Zone (2019) .:. 8C1B5E47-4D4E-4561-B8B9-A39A899745AA 🛸 It’s Weekend Edition: Independence Day sous les jupes de La Bastille… literally*

* context follows

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