Intermedio con las fips — War Criminals part ii

Give it here, don’t say’nuthing, just give it here.

Eye promise

C’mon Keyleigh! Let’s fuck! Eye promise you that the president will most definitely not be briefed, while you and Eye debrief each other in slips.

Deer, Natasha Bertrand at Politico, Eye sees that you finally tamed the pony, but did you really–really—really think that the Putines in Afghanistan would not pull a Paul Bremer on the infidels? Come’on, now!

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2007 /feb/08 /usa.iraq1

The Δ for Ari Melber at “The Beat”, Avi Velshi, is that Paul Bremer spent tons and tons of One–Hundred U.S. Dollar bills, while Putin probably spent less than the cost of M.R.E’s*. it cost the Coalition of “the willing” during the first year of the Invasion of Iraq.

* Meals Ready to Eat = Military food rations.

Must Show Work

Must Show Work .:. AD1CB149-AA66-4DD0-9FE7-434EE39CB3C0 .:. Hoja por hoja — raya por raya.

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Taste The Notion
Comparative Analysis of  French Magazines  of Mexican Newspapers in the Second Decade of the 21st. Century A.D.

Verbatim .:. E966991D-2CD7-413F-94FE-DDCA3E76FF48 .:. [–] MiddlePineapple 41 points 14 hours ago
       Mi mamá los identificó inmediatamente como chayotitos. Dice que son muy comunes en el campo durante la temporada de lluvias.

   [–]KitKhay Coahuila 30 points 13 hours ago
O en las oficinas de periodistas.

        [–]Landsteiner7507 16 points 13 hours ago
Te mamaste

              [–]Fredyeah -2 points 5 hours ago
We quiero tu insignia 🥺 como la consigo

El Economista (grupo Televisa monitos) presenta, “That’s fucking Racist!”, which is why we [the staff] of this most non–consequential blog will not be screen–grabbing Perjuro’s representation of one of the trumpet players of La Sonora Santanera, marinating (mind you), in his own juices; INSTEAD, we [the staff] reconstructed the Mexican mining industry of Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, as viewed by a Congolese witch doctor who does not want to return to work at his old gig: plumbing.

https ://www .hollywoodreporter .com /review /kongo-review -1213449

En fin don Miguel Pedro, que le parece si desmenuzamos el ¶ viii de su defensa en favor del primer vuelo comercial de alguna desafortunada aerolínea que llevará al patrón de John Mill Ackerman a la terminal mas próxima a la Casa Blanca, Ye’Olde Gipper International Airport‽, a lo mejor?

El canciller

https ://www .reuters .com /article /us-mexico-usa /mexican-president-to-fly-commercial-to-meet-trump-in-washington -idUSKBN23W243?utm _source=reddit .com

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