You don’t say… Extra, extra!

It’s the bottom of the Third¹ and Camilo Cienfuegos is at the Mound²…

Walk like an Egyptian

Walk like an Egyptian, because nobody Walks in El Ey.

Hey!…  remember Sirene, “we don’t search, öüï find,” glad you could follow; but since earlier in the transmission, öüï got you on the wire, could you be a sport and relay to Google that we [the staff] accept the offer, Eye will have our people talk to the androids at Silicon Ct., and arrange for your transfer and our transfusion.

“Enhanced storytelling experience that lets people go deeper into [mo’stories]”

https ://edition .cnn .com /2020/06/25 /media /google-news-publishers /index .html

Deer, Nicolle Wallace,

Eye hopes that you don’t go misinterpreting this post–impeachment intervention wit the regular trollin’ that you most certainly have not become used to, because of course, you don’t read this most non–motherfucking consequential blog, but Pundit, how the fuck are you going to interview someone who outranked you while working at that House that is falling apart? Eye mean, talk about an opportunity to read between the lines in real time. Anyhow, don’t you go letting that stupid mustache go distracting you from the most important thing on tonight’s show, the promotional tour of an opportunist government insider who happens to be a warmonger and, an author.

Gone fishing.

Now you did it, VOA

Now you did it, VOA .::. 59C7C4BD-851E-4140-A5B0-F55240658A38 🐟 It was supposed to be Rachel’s night off and Eye don’t know W.H.O. was supposed to get the Pole, but Rachel was most definitely going to dress up as a Phat Black Bass and crash Seth Meyers Furry party… but, NO, the VOA had to go all Goebbelsy on the Rest of The Story. Fascisti!!!

TimeStamp: 10 am in Hilo, Hawaii.

Over in Washington, Nicolle just flipped the “smile Ashley Parker” switch and some dude from Florida is annoyed because people won’t wear their damn masks.

Meanwhile, at the set on Seth’s attic, the picture on top of Mr. Meyer’s copy of The Thorne Birds mimicked a perfect landing in Charleston, South Carolina, with the mirror of Mr. Giuliani.

… Extra, extra, “John Bolton is a man of integrity,” according to John Bolton, goddammit! If called in a parallel universe where a squad is told to take on a Hill, knowing that it would be a one–way–trip, John Bolton would say: Leave it to the wisdom of the American hippies to go fight! It’s a lost cause, I march to a different Drum, said John Bolton in a parallel political show called “Plenty of fucking Time Washington”.

Deer, John Bolton… The most factual criticism is worth less than the peanut that Seth Meyer is left with after sucking on M&M’s if that criticism is not delivered in a timely manner, you know, sir, before a National Emergency arises on the desk of an incompetent leader of the free world… such is the case of Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /world-latin-america-53154890

Breaking the interview

YEEEEEESSSSS! Nicolle is going to detention!!! Eye is going to [have to] brush up on my Morse Code and then watch the Bolton interview, —again— just to hear Mr. Bolton insist on keeping a Republican majority at The Hill, which in a parallel universe we have established that he, Mr. Bolton, would not charge, except maybe with a Department of Defense Black-ops Credit Card.

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