Black Pumas follow — Mexican–American Trilogy intermission

So, Mr. Meyer:

… Wait one, D.A.R.E. is a general on ReRun programming explaining to TRMS how the the United States precipitously went from being the leader of the Western World to being the worst country, yes, THE WORST COUNTRY ruined by a single president in the whole wide world. Meanwhile, at the Seth Meyers Attic Extravaganza of compulsive materialism Bernie Sanders, yes, D.A.T. Bernie Sanders from the great State of Burlington Coats Factory is explaining to the Comcast media Conglomerate what “police defunding” really should be, but as Judd Apatow knows, what Bernie really means is that he doesn’t need a bookshelf full of books to showcase what The Globe in trumpian times really, really, REALLY £ooks like; a Dark, dark, dark empty and compartmentalized empty world… Thank You, congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D–Florida), thank you very, very, Very Much for giving the keys to the White House to Donald John Trump.

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