Deer, Seth… “cámara” is slang for WAIT

Affirmative y firme con esos firmamentos…

Any güey, Seth

Any güey, Seth .:. 00B55C45-102A-4F75-AD4F-4775E1BD3CF9 📸 Hear Mí Out, Franck —_•!•_— 🎶 EVRY body loves Some buddy sometimes

But Wait! D.A.R.E. is M.O.O.R.E.!!!

Brian Williams just imitated L.I.F.E. through the Change–of–Address of Garret Haike to Laffayette Square… at Picpus space, but FOist, if professor Eddie Gloude Jr. ever wondered why this blog wanted Amy and Kamela and Sanders to be the Democratic nominees, and hold, my deer Sir, D.A.T. crucial last debate before getting in the ring with Jean Claude Van TrumpIT was precisely to hear from them, the reasons for their past transgressions, y’know what Eye means? Maya Wiley? So, professor Glaude, no comas ansías because it’s 4 o’Clock in New York and we [the staff] paused the Seth Meyers Show at minute 19:32 (the start of Atlanta Mayor Bottoms interview) so, Wait One… no COMA usted Ansías; Ey’m Knot.

Wait for, IT...

Wait for, IT… .:. 28C42DE3-1DE7-49CB-ABE1-FE94DE762285 —_•¡•_— Cámara.


Season 42, Episode 828
(May 13, 2017… Brian)
Musical guest: Some banjo playin’ Dude.


Deer, Chuck Todd, öüï now return to Mayor Bottoms interview with Seth… Lesley Jones and Colin Jost (imitating life on an “eaves dropped” sketch follows) if Eye Dies Before He Wakes, you will know what killed.

and, we’re Black! And it is now el Cuatro de junio, del 2020—Time Machine, mis güevos! You are not foolin’ anyone with that Fishbone dew doo, JAY–Z!!!

🎶 Cuando la llama de la fe se apague, y los doctores
No hallen la causa de su mal, señoras y señores …

Deer, Ari Melver, the way Eye read, IT, it was not the “legitimate” use of Sista’ Sledge Hammer, but rather the “Monopoly” (Capital “M”) of that D.A.R.E. motherfucking Hammer (punto y coma) you know What Eye is sayin’?

El Carrusel del Furo

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