Let Them Eat TWINkies®️— June 1st, 2020

Psst: We never thought that we’d make it this Far.

Make your lay a way

Make your Lay–A–Way… no payments until the Nation breaks, Martial Law instills or, Civil War begins. —_•!•_— THE SPORTS AUTHORITY et. al.  for CONTEXT: don’t expect a marginalized population to understand CIVICS and Politics when the Secondary and Higher Education budget is directed at building a more perfect sports ALL AMERICAN “Champions of The World” team, while teacher salaries are lower than a bag of Premium Dog and/or Cat food (punto y coma) not to mention the budget for the lobby–guided curricula for thekidsclassrooms. A.P. Courses logic is just another form  of racism  of segregationHAPPY FESTEVUS, Jerry Stiller 🃏.

Dear, Cousin Joe… you know them AIR Exhausts in big metropolitan cities with an Underground rail system? You know —motherfucker— the kind that gave us this image:

“You don't spit into the wind“

Imagine spiting into the wind… now imagine trickle-pissing into an underground exhaust vent. Yup! youse gonna feel that Trickle where the sun don’t usually shines. —_•!•_— Uso justo de todos los medios con fines educativos/Fair use of all “Mornings in Amerika”, please don’t shoot the mirror.

trickle–up economics

… of course Early Jaz, under the current political climate, when the fan lifts the skirt, the ones to blame are the ones on the left, and the neo-White Supremacist movement who know nothing about the Boogaloo or Guaguancó, mind you, are the ‘patriots’ and ‘the good people’ of the Rumba on the strip.

And, Oh Julianna, when the batuta is on the Democratic side, the Blue Team no canta tan mal las rancheras, because when the looting is from the inside out, es decir, Tatelbaum, from Wall Street to the cul-de-sac’s, it is the Big portfolios deserve a bail–out.

Amerika y sus manchados

Amérika y sus manchados .:. B7A95675-71A5-4001-A1C4-59F12BAC0A29 🛰 Manchado, verbo ind. (slang, MX not Latinx) as in:¡te manchaste con la rapiña güey!… fair use of msnbc.


—. T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S:  Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes In Extreme Situations, via: Rice University.
___http ://www .thebluegrassspecial .com/archive /2010 /april10 /twinkies-project .php


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