Dear, Avi Velshi… TEN Seconds for lift–off


It may be hard to believe

🎶🎶🎶 If you want a résumé Eye will put in writing, it’s only good for a They and the CONTENTS are FRIGHTNING .::. 0609855D-A0C0-4469-9E39-9687853A25EC 🛰

The sinister reasons for the mission might very well become a nightmare for individual freedoms and the pursuit of happines, BUT the launch was an Earth–Shattering Success; ÖÜÏ repeat: lift-off was a success! Commander Marvin[a] was able to open up Tlaloc’s cloud block and at 09:14 in Eastern Standard Time… instructions for the nerd patrol follows, preliminary command are to “Play It Again”, Sam.

It’s the programming, not the system, Stupid!

Courtesy of Tlaloc

Courtesy of Tlāloc .::. 25F3733D-E85F-47C7-98DB-8DFC9A4050BA VÍA: The Water Bearer ♒️

… anyway, Joshua Johnson, it’s 21h40 on CET and Young Man, who gives a fuck about what Eric Trump has to say, Come’on Man!, Anyhow, Mr. Johnson, did President Obama just took from Mott The Hopple to speak to the Greta generation? All of a sudden it is up to young hatchings, eh‽ What happens, Mr. Johnson, once all of the “Young Dudes” vote for change, and change is the same CORPORATE rules that have made of Delaware a a person, or a “corporation” like that, Alicia Menendez?

https ://www .independent .co .uk /news /world /americas /us-election /eric-trump-coronavirus-us-election-biden-rally-democrats

Anyhow, Phil Griffith (you motherfucker) say hello to the Buzzfeed crowd, who seem to have been let of the time-out box to fill in the talking squares on the programming of the msnbc’s, eh! Any güey, have i, Armando Segovia, a story about how an ENTIRE Unesco workshop served as the killing experiment of Journalism, and how the CyberSecurity Expert from Buzzfeed had a weekend tailgate party with The Mexican Delegation of former Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto under Christiane Amanpour’s nose; she was the “Nina” at that symposium.

Monsieur le president de la court

Monsieur le President du le Tribunal Administrative à Sciences Po (School of “journalism”) .::. 8CF0EE7A-D469-4018-B442-1173F6FAF32C —_•!•_— FROM the MOTHERFUCKING top, as promised; Raphaël Moran, follows.

Now… Mr. Revered Al Sharpton, i (armando segovia) am going to take a nap and then Eye is going to fire–for–adjust on Mr. Stanton and his motherfucking outfit, in the meantime, please relay to that sonofavich and his Cyber Security officers that “LOKI, is god of mischief”, and Willie Geist can reference that quote from his own archives on the Morning Joe Show, “it’s all neatly annotated”.

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