Let’s Do It! — Just phone it in

Chi-qui-ti-ta… doc’D.A.T. Channel 4, 11 O’Clock newsman a week’s pay for dropping the “ti” on Cher.

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Page 2, with Joshua Johnson .::. 20D54A13-77EC-4921-839F-40DFF3B50486 🎼 W[H]oooooO, Baby, BABYsome fun tonight. 🦠🗺 INDEED, Alicia Menendez, in•deed, La Hache es muda; yes Ma’am. Now, Chuck might have been the big shiny Automobile there, and just for – continuity’s + sake, let’s assume that Richard was the Alternator that charged the Battery, so, youse Right, Ms. Menendez, Little Richard was not the spark that made the belt go’round and round on that there Big  Pink Cadillac D.A.T. öüï call Rock and Roll… although, as Evry body knows, it was The French who went ahead and invented Rock and Roll.

So, Mr. Lorne … it’s all re-runs from here on, on —eh! Well, Eye just has one request to make and  Eye hopes that it is not to much from Mí to ask… say, do you think that The Producers can find it in their kind heart to let u.s. have that belt which Michael Che failed to properly wrap around his neck? We promise to keep the untimely choker a secret and say that it was a swarm of W.A.S.P.–es–es on horseback that did him, and not the Suicide Blond that got’em… and oh–by–the–güey:  “The Way Things Are Going,” when D.A.T D.A.R.E Wigg wakes up in September, the country will be ripe to have the Thanksgiving and Christmas Special  phoned -in from Pete Davidsons basement… again, Debbie Downer, said so.

For the record

The American Graffiti (1973) SOUND WAVES COME FROM MEXICO… just like the NOURISHMENT that the braceros and chicanos that put food on america’s tables during world war two, and most recently, during the wet-bat pandemic… bola de putos!

AND IN WUHAN… (the originator not the inventor 😚 of a more unfortunate VIRUS) COVID–19 is: BACK!!!



Indeed… go to sleep, mr. Lorne… .::. 57D532E5-8F02-4237-884C-16ECAAF229F2 🧜🏻‍♀️ Go to sleep you little baby
(Go to sleep you little baby)
Go to sleep you little baby
(Go to sleep you little baby)
You’re mama’s gone away and you’re daddy’s gonna stay
Didn’t leave nobody but the baby
Go to sleep you little baby 🎶🎶🎶

deer, sarah kendzior, please give my regards to seth meyers and, relay to mr. Rather to not shoot the messenger (punto y coma) in the mean time, that’s a hell of a bookshelf that you’re flashing, it goes reel well with the magazine rack to the viewers right and your left from that webcam. Check it out, youse gonna get uninvited from the cocktail parties in mitch mcconnell’s rallies in D.A.T D.a.R.E. big heartland WHERE THE CALL SIGNAL SHIFTS from La “doble u” a la “Ka”.

Any how, Alicia Menendez, we [the staff] are about to take a nap (punto y coma) öüï should be back at, IT! Before that “last week tonight” feller tells you in Hangul: it’s not over until it’s over:


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