Ladies in Gemini: su majestad el Jazz

Six minutes into the 19 hundred hours in Central Europe Time, club Jazz de fip, o algo así is back. Live.

Issy… Happy Theys, are here again.

And with D.A.T., öüí now return to Dedos a tres caídas sin límite de tiempo… already in progress. Quick recap, Walter Isaacson, a Renaissance Man and an Elder of the underground Punk Rock band “The Essens” pledged his support for Remus cause, öüï pick up right D.A.R.E. at the top of the 21 hundred hour in CET, note to editors, Brian Williams plays the role of Brian Williams.

So what you are saying that "she bops”

So what you are saying is that “she bops” .::. A03B4265-846B-4146-BDA2-6217A7B2739C 🏄🏽‍♂️


—Explain to our non-reading audience what motivated you to throw your hat into this bash?

Walter Isaacson in the role of Captain Lou Albano:

— Well, Brian, you would have to go back to when the boys and Eye started the band, I mean, that goddamned Caesar insisted that we play TRIBUTE to him every time that we hit the Rhodes, not to mentioned an image or altar to Mars at one’s dwelling, so this bullshit from the Romulus clan that “dildos” are not essential in the land that shoves credit card offers down your mail slot, [or box] Brian, just really–really ruffled my Hawaiian shirts.


— Got it.

Capt. L.A.:

— No, I don’t think D.A.T. you do Brian, I mean do you know how many dildos my daughter Cindy goes through in a “normal“ month? Now imagine the usage under the stress of Corona days? I mean, Brian why do you think i got into the dildo manufacturing industry? 

— Eye-eye, Captain. Got it.

— No, Brian I don’t think that you do, I mean right now I am hunkering down in an undisclosed Swing State an have you noticed the resurgence of the “Don’t thread on me” Bible–trumpers?

— I have, Captain.

— Well, Brian, you can just imagine why at the time, it made sense to disguise our portal wormholes into a popular series theme, I mean, the Caesar doesn’t care which item you choose to worship him, for all that Lorde Caesar cares, them portals could be shaped like Bob Square Pants, but then where would you subliminally stick the dildo?

— So is that why you selected a Star Wars theme, Captain?

— Indeed, Brian, R2-D2 is the perfect shape to stuff a a dildo in without the Salem Council noticing the plug, no pun intended.


None taken… when we return we take you back on Dr. Artonsteen saga, with Frank  Figliuzzi’s FBI check points. But first, we are going to take a nap and hopefully when öüï wake up, Governor Cuomo would have talked some sense to Nero, at the White House.

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