“ Knuckle Sandwich“ with a side of Soup Wraps — El codo de Vinci, Chapter 4 and Eight

— Shower head trafficker and Syndicate boss Dermont “duster” Hoggins picks up the narration of the continuing ballad of Joseph Bar Mathias a.k.a. “Flavius Joe”.

Context follows

Context follows .::. BE132411-2CB6-49F9-AD60-4557C8DE104B ✍🏼🎟☎️ The un-governed Commando – 450 Soupa Stream… it’s all D.A.T. and a bag of chips. Available behind all Soup Nazi’s joints, just knock Three Times at the delivery door during business hours.

Anyhow, Bob*, over at the Albright’s cove it’s time for another edition of Bad Religion and Fuck Armageddon This is Hell, in Lady Secretary Madeleine’s own words. Here at the underground in a place where Vikings once set camp on their way to secure a place called Normandy in current theys, it’s time to remind Mika, that we [the staff] don’t select the themes, we just cover these, and so now we returned to Yesterday’s feud between two brothers who disagree on what constitutes as “essential items” in the times when a Virus has the FOLLOWERS of the church of ConsumerISM sheltered-in their motherfucking lofts.

Viva Wall Street

Viva wall Street y que Viva Donald Trump .::. 93F5BBC6-845A-4E2F-B54D-9E0715F633F8 🥇Viva el seven y leven.

* Bob is the resident WaPo headline writer at Jeff Bezos newspaper (of choice).

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