Not to be outdone by Mr. Schmitty’s ear accessories, BriWi goes full Bugambilia

Oh, Virginia, it was a nice ride.

T's Orejas Mexicanas Lindas

T’s Orejas Mexicanas Lindas .::. 7B93F0BF-195B-4B35-BD89-C52A56DE3F49 👂🏼Q’e Solas no se miden ellas 🎶 Letra por Juan GRAbiel; Musica por Antonio Aguilera.

Welcome home.

We (the staff) are taking the Weekend off. Hope you don’t read u.s. ’till Monday, unless of course, the World comes to an end.

Best libraries in the world

Best libraries in the world!

Before öüï leave, here’s the rest of Goldoni’s balls and trails:


Yesterday and Two They.

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