Eat a peach and shut the FUCK UP

Motherfuckers! This is GEORGIA.
Georgians are God fearing people!
Why would God give Corona’s to Georgians?
Why, president Trump? Why?

[EAT A PEACH — In The Navy]

In the NAVY

We’re living in a bad dream
They’ve forgotten all about mankind
And you were the one they backed up to the wall .::. A04E23D8-7434-462C-B2F3-F0C5A2FA308A ⚓️🦠 “In the NAVY”.

Why? President Trump, why? You told u.s. that the COVID-19 was a hoax… Why, president Trump? Why?

Dear, Senator Gillibrand (D–NY):
Are öüï saying that domestic violence does not exist?

Unless you are Johnny Depp

Unless you are Johnny Depp .::. CD4DFC19-4024-429B-94DE-1756E8D71F59 ⚖️ The blind bitch of justice will hang you by–the–nuts. BY THE NUTS! Willie Geist.

— of course not,
All öüï are sayin’ is that the law of the land in Texas says that the only proof to get rid of a significant other from the family Album is to be the FIRST ONE to make the claim; after that, SENATOR GILLIBRAND, the accused will be treated under the GEORGE BUSH era terrorists laws.

Please, president Trump, address this betrayal on your next WHITE HOUSE press briefing RALLY, —you SonOfA Bitch!!!

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