Eye has The Feelies D.A.T., Jon Bon Jovi* is a fag… Groucho Marx

Anagram con teclas mecánicas:


It’s from ANONYMOUS .::. FB6F919D-7740-416B-9AE8-582D84E4BF05 🚶🏽‍♂️ «SHE », being la puta máquina de escribir, of course… and not, “the one D.A.T. you are with,” as heard from The Flaming Lips of Cousin Joe on The MoreJo Show^

… [M]eanwhile in Washington, Donald John Trump, is holding the nightly National Rally with “the” doctors as the opening act. In the European Theater of Pain it’s already “FISH” day and in EL EY it’s the 1600 hours in Pacific Stranded Time.

Over at Mr. Schmitty’s living room, Steve is trying on a different look, but he’s not FOOLING anybody, stop it, Steve! You are only encouraging Ali Velshi to start sporting that Disco Stu afro in the next segment. And besides, you should not shower with you wig on, Mr. Schmitty.

C'mon, Steve!

C’mon, Steve .::. 9887AB8E-31DB-4E87-A6F5-F2F0D9E04C38 🚿 You are not fooling anybody, Steve. Öüï all know that you took a no pressure shower on D.A.T. D.A.R.E afro wig that you are covering your noggin with. Admit it! Mr. Schmitty, you are guilty as charged.

… timestamp in Hilo, Hawaii is
TUESDAY, March 31st of 2020
at the 20th hour of the THEY,

Earlier in the transmission:

Deconstructed American Anagram

Deconstructed American Anagram .::. 1ECCB979-2F37-4E51-8FF9-2D6EA36720A5 📈 Assume, says you? Ass (out of) U (and) Me, provided Little Havana has a say on the “Stay–the–fuck out of la Calle Ocho”.

the devil is in the dentils,
Rachel Maddow is going to,
“Survey says?”

Porta italiana estrema

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