You Make Lovin’ Fun — Even without all that jazz

Let’s not count the T.H.E.Y.s

Mí favorite MAC

Mí favorite MAC .:. EF46F65E-A306-4A4A-97B0-05D400EB4874 👄 Next to “the” Knicks, Stevie… Christine McVie 🔊 Pseudo Brassens follows.

… Hey, Donald John Trump, France is PUSHING-out 60 million mask per week, — motherfucker!

What are you waiting for? RESIGN!
You failed as a human being, you cannot hack it as the leader of the “free world”.

https ://www .politico .com /news/2020/03/20 /sean-spicer-coronavirus-white-house-briefing-139471

“You know you always have the Lorde by your side“

“You know you always have the Lorde by your side“

Coming up on “dancing with the stars”, NEWSMAX TV conga dancer, and former Saturday Night Live pun–to–go to, Sean Spicer makes his White House correspondence debut… Ugly Mexicans agree, what a guy! Just the kind of fellow that Donald wants on his softball team. This proves one thing, once again, stupid Americans don’t know who their leader is. Eye cant wait, for Narco-Mexicans to recuperate the lost territory, — mark Mí words.

… of course that’s another episode, of another tale.

In the meantime: Let’s not count the Days:
These news have not yet been rated

These news have not yet been rated .::. FC36847C-984D-4ECF-9964-1A1A8813529D 🧲

in other news The FOist day of Spring (astronomical calendar) brought no knew news, EVRY–thing had already been predicted at the start of of both the Gregorian (ROME) and Chinese (year of the Rat) calendars; anyhow, here’s what the tally count stranded at the close (03h00 CET) of TRMS:

Trump’s = 0 , Rest of u.s. = 237 and rising:

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