Previously on: Hold it now — The Americanization of a French election

Dear, Marianne:
You have really gotta give it to them Russians; dissident, —or not.
They (the Ruskies) really know how to rattle an election process.

For the record

For the record .:. E9B64D71-0CAA-4402-ACB8-0FEC34F158A5 —_•!•_— We [the staff] as reporters, bloggers, communicators, heck; even clowns, have never PRIed into other peoples private lives to drive our message across a non–reading public. ⚖️ We have, however, as them “Hamburgers in Paradise” show in real-time on this most non–consequential blog, have been the target of institutions going through every aspect of our lives; and those of our significant ex’s. So yes, i feel for this frog. Post Script: we, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto, have never burned a host country’s door to make our case, we’ve pissed near one, but never burned one, but for some reason, Marianne, Mariannita de las marionetas, Eye is the “BAD Feller” here in Paname.

Page 25, section “L”, Today in History
Valentine’s Day 2020:
The French invent Yellow Journalism

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